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Campfire Puddings!

These are such a sweet treat and very easy to do! For both these recipes I waited until the campfire had burned down to hot embers.

So we have two types of pud here. Firstly, chocolate brownies baked in oranges. For this I cut the top of an orange and scooped out the pulp and juice (which can be drunk fresh). I then used a simple packet mix to make up the brownie mixture and spooned it into the orange. Be careful not to overfill because the mixture will rise during cooking. Then wrap in foil and place in the embers for about 20 minutes (cooking time does vary depending on location in fire pit etc), keep checking until they are done. Wearing gloves carefully remove and enjoy!

A good old packet mixture is handy when in the woods!

The baked apples are cooked identically but to make them I just de-cored the apples and stuffed with butter, sugar, cinnamon and elderberries which I had foraged from a nearby tree (FYI this was done in Oct).

Try adding something foraged to your recipes

This is really easy to do with a group in an outdoor setting and children can be involved in all aspects of the preparation and cooking (ensuring that fire safety guidelines are adhered too). Firstly it is always a fun activity to see what is available to forage in the area to add to recipes (in this case I used elderberries). If the children have been introduced to knife work then they can do this part of the cooking but if not can still stuff and wrap their oranges/apples and place them on the fire. It is worthwhile to write their names on the foil so that their own deserts are distinguishable from each others.

Baking in foil at in the embers

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