What should we wear/bring?

Dress for all weather eventualities. Lots of layers and splash/puddle suits are great for little ones. A drink and a snack is advisable for most sessions. You will be told if you need to bring any specific equipment.

Do you cancel for bad weather?

No but we cancel for unsafe weather. The practitioner will be keeping an eye on the forecast and if high winds make it unsafe you will be given as much notice as possible and offered an alternative date.

Please explain the flexi-ticket?

The ticket offers you sessions at a discounted rate, can be used at different locations and lasts three months (or 6 uses whatever comes sooner). 

Once bought we will provide you with a unique code so when you book into a session you will not have to pay again.

As a flexi-ticket holder you get priority booking on sessions.

There are only a limited number of these available so please email us directly to purchase!

How many children can I bring?

For muddy tots you can bring a maximum of 3 children. There are some activities (such as fire lighting and tools) that will require you to be supervising your child on a one-to one.

Do I pay for additional adults/siblings?

Regardless of what age range the session is aimed at all additional siblings should have a ticket. We have a maximum number of people allowed around the campfire and this is so we do not exceed this.

Also discounted sibling tickets are for siblings ONLY not cousins, best friends or acquaintances. Thank you :) 

What if I need to cancel?

If you give us 24 hrs notice we will offer you an alternative date. 

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